HHDA™ - Standing attachment for demolition hammers

The HandHeld Demolition Assistant (HHDA, Patent Pending) has proven itself to allow the user to do more work with less strain on the body. It is designed to help against the physically taxing effects of tile, ice and other removal, by allowing the user to be in a standing position when applicable. The HHDA is designed to "stand up" to the everyday workload demanded of the job of tile and other forms of stratum removal. It likewise can be used when using different SDS attachment tools.

We have tested the HHDA demolition hammer attachment to work well with our other accessories for demolition hammers. In fact, the HHDA™ and our Dustcuff Pro™ have proven to be a winning combination for difficult tasks such as tile removal, enabling the user to perform dust free demolition when using the appropriate vacuums.

The HHDA attaches to several popular SDS Max demolition hammers from Bosch® and Makita®. We are currently testing other makes/models. Call us with your specific make/model of chipping hammer and we will let you know if the HHDA is available.

HHDA™ demo hammer attachment provides several benefits:

  • -Saves the user's knees from injury due to kneeling
  • -Keeps the user's back in an upright position, reducing bending stresses in the back
  • -The user's body is removed from the "danger zone" of flying debris
  • -Worker productivity is high due to far less fatigue during removals


The HandHeld Demolition Assistant is a attachable frame that is designed to allow the user to stand while using a SDS chipping hammer/drill or the likes.

It can be fabricated to fit different manufacturers of SDS tools. The HHDA has a knee pad incorporated into its design to allow the user the ability to put added pressure against the tile/stratum being removed. Other features are the adjustable handle angle and handle extension to increase the usability and comfort for different users.

*Please note: The HHDA does not include a demolition hammer or vacuum attachment.

HHDA Pricing - Call to Order:
(541) 241-8957 or (541) 410-3003

HHDA™: $950
Shipping/Handling: TBD
Additional items
Dustcuff Pro™: $449
Dustcuff Plus™: $275